Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for any questions.

What kind of tech support do you offer?

Fast email support. Every response is made by a human from our team. Happy to help.

Do I have to pay for support?

Yes. Maintenance is required to obtain tech support. The first year is included.

After contacting you, will you send me spam?

No. We will never sell or share your email address, or personal information. No newsletters or surveys either.

What happens when my license expires?

Nothing. Licenses do not expire: support entitlement does.

What does maintenance include?

Tech support and all updates, major and minor.

How can I renew maintenance?

Contact us.

Why do I need a web browser?

SyncBelt is not in the cloud. However, it is web-based, thus you need a web browser to use it.

Do you have access to my SyncBelt installation?

No. SyncBelt is not in the cloud and we do not have access to your data.


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